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February 2019 Entries

Thirty Years, Today: Why I Stay

February 27, 2019

Today marks 30 years I’ve been Executive Director of The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis. After three decades, I can still say without hesitation that I have the best job in town. While I may no longer wear blue blazers and silk bow ties (thankfully not entirely visible in this 1989 photo), I wake up every morning before my alarm rings, ready to get to work to create the kind of educational opportunity that can change the world.

Happy Valentine's Data

February 14, 2019

Our board and staff are planning for a strategic planning session in which we will begin setting vision and goals for our centennial year and beyond. In doing so, we administered a survey to current and recent students and asked some open-ended questions for feedback about what we do and how we do it. The valentine (depicted above) simply configures the words used most often in their responses. This, after all, is the best love note we could get.